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Air Bag Suspension Kit Installation

Keep your vehicle balanced while towing heavy loads by fitting it with a high-quality air bag suspension kit. These load assistance tools can improve your current suspension by increasing its load capacity and making it more stable while carrying heavy loads. You can also use these air bag suspension kits to correct your vehicle’s towing angle, preventing it from sagging or leaning heavily at the rear.

Auto Giant offers high-quality air bag suspension kits that will let you drive more confidently on the road no matter how heavy your load is. We also offer professional air bag suspension kit installation that will ensure a proper fit every time. With over 26 years of experience in suspension and automobile maintenance, we’re one of the top air bag suspension Brisbane specialists in the region.

Learn more about air bag suspension and what it can do for your vehicle by calling (07) 3881 2900.


Air Bag Suspension Kit Features

Adjustable. You can easily adjust many air bag suspension kits, letting you inflate or deflate them quickly to get the right height level of suspension for your vehicle. This means you can adjust your vehicle’s loading capacity for every situation, and you can stay confident knowing that your vehicle can carry different loads with ease.

Versatile. Air bag suspension kits can be used on a wide range of vehicles. Most kits are designed to be fitted between the leaf/axle and chassis or inside your vehicle’s coil springs, so they’re not dependent on the brand or type of vehicle you have. If they can fit inside your vehicle’s axles or coil springs, then chances are you can use it.

Complete Set. Suspension air bag kits contain everything you need to upgrade your suspension and give it an extra boost. Kits come with all the parts and components necessary for installation, and qualified mechanics can install them quickly upon purchasing the right kit for your vehicle.


What Do Air Bag Suspension Kits Offer?

Air bag suspension is one of the most practical suspension upgrades today, especially if you regularly tow your caravan or carry heavy loads frequently. Here’s why:

  1. Better stability. Air bag suspension kits will help keep your vehicle level and stable while driving, no matter how heavy your caravan or load may be. Heavy and uneven loads typically cause vehicles to sag on one end, making them unstable on the road. But with air bag suspension, you can eliminate any sag or unevenness in your vehicle and make sure that it always stays level.


  1. Safer driving. By balancing your vehicle under heavy loads, these kits can also make your drive safer. A level vehicle means more efficient braking performance and more responsive steering, meaning you can drive without compensating for any uneven weights. It also reduces vehicle sway and tilting, which means you’ll get a more comfortable and stable drive.


  1. Better handling. Air bag suspension helps improve your vehicle’s handling by giving you more control of your vehicle. These kits can contribute to more responsive steering, letting your steer your vehicle with more control and precision. By keeping your vehicle level on the road, you also gain better control of your vehicle, especially when taking turns and driving over bumps.


  1. Reduced tyre wear. Uneven loads place unnecessary stress on tyres that make them work harder than they should, causing them to wear out faster than normal. But the proper application of air bag suspension kits will ensure that your caravan or loaded weight is distributed evenly among your tyres, preventing them from wearing out sooner than expected.


  1. Fewer maintenance costs. Aside from minimising tyre wear, air bag suspension can also reduce your maintenance costs by preventing vehicle damage caused by heavy loads. Uneven loads often put tremendous strain on a vehicle’s suspension system, especially if they’re not supported properly. With air bag suspension, you can distribute the weight evenly and prevent unnecessary damage to your chassis.


Vehicles You Can Use These Kits For

Air bag suspension kits are designed to fit different types of cars and vehicles. These include:

  • SUVs and 4WDs that tow caravans and trailers
  • Small buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans
  • Off-road vehicles set up for outback travel

Suspension air bag kits are also commonly used when lowering the height of sedans and smaller vehicles. They allow these cars to lower their heights while providing enough support to drive safely and clear common bumps on the road.


Suspension Air Bag Kits from Trusted North Brisbane Mechanics

Boost your suspension with air bag suspension kits that make your vehicle more stable and balanced. With these kits installed, you’ll never have to worry about the strength of your vehicle when towing your caravan or carrying heavy, uneven loads.

Auto Giant is proudly one of the top air bag suspension Brisbane specialists in Queensland, providing high-quality kits and professional air bag suspension installation. Whether you want to boost your truck’s loading capacity or provide enough support as you lower its height, our technicians will help you gain the balanced suspension you need.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about air bag suspension kits and what they can do for your vehicle. We’ll help you get the best air bag suspension for your vehicle, no matter what type of car you have and where you’re driving it.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.