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Everything About Logbook Servicing

by: Auto Giant

A logbook service is generally carried out when your car reaches a certain mileage or date, whichever comes first. It is important to stick to your logbook schedule to maintain... Continue Reading

5 Tips To Being Road Trip Ready

by: Auto Giant

5 BEST TIPS GETTING READY FOR YOUR ROAD TRIP   Have you planned your road trip  Has the car been inspected or serviced  Tyre inflation inspect & Correct pressures  Air... Continue Reading

Why is My Car Overheating?

by: Auto Giant

  It’s a hot day and you’re taking the car for a long drive, but before you get to your destination, you notice the temperature gauge is way up, and... Continue Reading

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

by: Auto Giant

Have you ever noticed a small puddle under your vehicle? It might be your car leaking oil. You may think it’s a harmless problem that only leaves a stain on... Continue Reading

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