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4 Common Signs of Suspension Problems You Can’t Ignore

by: Auto Giant

Speed Bump

Has your car been in an accident recently? If so, there could be damage to your car suspension. The purpose of suspension is to support both the handling and ride quality of the vehicle so when it’s damaged; you’ll want to fix the problem asap to maintain a smooth and safe drive.

Even if you haven’t been in an accident, suspension problems can also develop gradually over time, so it’s worthwhile knowing how to spot the most common suspension problems when they arise. If you identify any of these potentially troubling signs in your vehicle, bring it into Auto Giant to get your suspension checked.

1. Steering Difficulties
Does it feel like your vehicle’s steering wheel is working against you while you drive?

The sensation will feel like the vehicle is pulling to the side as you drive along a straight stretch of road. Turning your vehicle can also feel cumbersome. Please note this symptom could point to many other causes. In fact, pulling to on side can also be one of the hardest problems to diagnose without professional help, so come see our team at Auto Giant for the correct diagnosis.

2. Feeling Every Bump
Are you having an unusually rough ride on the road? This is one of the clearest indicators of a suspension problem. When your suspension and shock absorbers are functioning correctly, all bumps in the road should be absorbed while driving. If it feels like your vehicle is swaying back and forth after going over bumps, suspension is the likely culprit. You may even hear audible squeaks as your suspension struggles to manage each bump.

A great way to test this is with the ‘Bounce Test’. Park your car, put all your weight on the front end and then release the car from park to see how the vehicle responds. If the vehicle bounces forward and back 3 or more times, the shocks or struts in your suspension may need to be replaced.

3. Nose Dives as You Stop Your Vehicle
Another important function of your suspension is to keep your vehicle level and support the weight of your vehicle under most situations. If you struggle to maintain a level vehicle when braking hard and the nose of your vehicle drops or dives more than it should when you slow down, there may be issues with your front struts or shocks.

To test if this is a problem in your vehicle, try braking abruptly and see if the nose dives or drops when you stop.

4. Uneven Tyre Treads
When tread is wearing down unevenly on your tyres and balding spots are starting to form, this is often a sign that the suspension is not evenly holding the vehicle while driving on the road. It’s common for the inside or outside of the tyre to wear down at a faster rate – hinting that the angle the wheel sits in relation to the vehicle and road is off.

At Auto Giant, not only can we check and repair your suspension but we can also replace your worn tyres.

Check Your Suspension at Auto Giant.
If your car is bouncing around and feels unstable while you drive, don’t put up with it any longer. Bring your vehicle into Auto Giant for a thorough inspection and to complete any repairs to the highest standards.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.