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Six Ways Regular Car Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Keep You Cool in Summer

by: Auto Giant

Does your car feel hot in summer? Does it take a while for your car air conditioning to start cooling the vehicle down?

If so, the problem may be as simple as needing your air conditioning serviced!
In Australia, keeping cool while driving is a necessity – especially in summer! That’s why it’s so important to regularly service your air conditioning at Auto Giant.

To keep your air conditioner working at an optimum level, it should be serviced every two years or every 40,000 km.

An air conditioning system serviced regularly will not only keep you cool, but it also reduces any unwanted repair costs down the track!

Short-term, regular maintenance will ensure the air conditioner in your car can operate more reliably and save you money.
Along with the obvious benefit of keeping your car cool with fully functional air conditioning, there are many ways regularly maintaining your car air conditioning can keep you and your car cool in summer:

1. Cooler Cabin Vehicle Temperatures

After bringing your car into Auto Giant for air conditioning servicing, your car will likely feel cooler than it ever has before – especially if it’s been a while between services!

2. Reduced Repair Costs

By keeping up regular air conditioning maintenance, you reduce repair costs in the long term. If your air conditioner breaks, it will cost you far more to fix than the costs involved in keeping up with regular maintenance.

3. Better Fuel Economy

When the air conditioning isn’t working in your car, you probably wind down the window to get relief from a cool breeze, but did you know that could negatively impact your fuel economy? According to Cars Guide, a car uses less fuel when running air conditioning compared to an open window because the extra drag can result in poor fuel economy.

4. Cleaner Cabin Filter Air Quality

Not only does your air conditioner cool the air, but it can also clean it too. The air circulating inside your car can be filled with dust and other contaminants if your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. A working air conditioner will ensure you are breathing fresher and cleaner air.

5. Unwanted Compressor Failure

Special refrigerant gas is used in the air conditioning system and compressed via the compressor. This compression causes the temperature to drop dramatically to allow the system to cool your car. By maintaining a regular service, you avoid compressor failure and all the costs that go along with repairing it.

6. Unwanted Evaporator Corrosion

The evaporator is a very important part of your car’s air conditioning system. Liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator, and it absorbs heat from the warmer air. Humidity in the air then condenses on the surface of the evaporator and eventually drips outside the vehicle. An evaporator can fail completely due to internal and external corrosion and lead to leakage. The corrosion could be caused by organic material entering the evaporator case.

If the evaporator becomes too corroded, it needs to be replaced. Avoid this hassle altogether by keeping up with regular air conditioner servicing. The evaporator will be inspected and cleaned as part of this service to help prevent corrosion and eventual evaporator failure.

What You Get In Air Conditioner Servicing

As part of the air conditioner maintenance service, the oil will be checked and/or changed in your air conditioner’s compressor to prevent it from seizing up. The air filters will also be cleaned. When your filters are clogged with dirt and bacteria, the performance of your air conditioning system will deteriorate and eventually stop working altogether. Having these contaminants circulating in the air while driving can also be bad for your health.

The rubber seals will be checked to see if they are leaking or deteriorating. If your air conditioner seals are leaking gas, the system will be far less efficient and increase your fuel usage.The refrigerant gas also needs to be topped up completely within four years of the manufacture date and about every two to three years after that.

How to Book

Simply give us a call on (07) 3881 2900 or get in touch with us online to get your air conditioner service happening in time for summer.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.