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The Secrets Behind New Car Warranty Servicing

by: Auto Giant

New cars are being made faster than ever with evolving technology and the high demand from consumers. So it is no surprise that many Australian’s have bought at least one new car since they started driving.

New cars cost a lot of money and are the second most expensive purchase people will make besides their house. So it makes sense that consumers want to get as much out of their purchase as possible and this includes warranty.

Dealers can be very misleading when it comes to warranty for new vehicles. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall prey to their lack of knowledge which car dealers take full advantage of. This includes the difference between New Car Warranty and Extended Warranty.

It is extremely important not to get the two mixed up or you could pay the price later down the track. There may be a lot of paperwork to sign but make sure you read it all before placing pen to paper.

New Car Warranty is the standard manufacturer’s warranty for a new car and to keep it certain conditions must be adhered to. The car purchased must be serviced according to its service schedule, which can be found in your logbook.

At the time of purchase if a dealer says that you will void your New Car Warranty if you get your car serviced anywhere but at the dealership they are wrong! You are within your rights to get your car serviced by a certified mechanic and still keep your New Car Warranty. Any statement made by the dealer otherwise is illegal and a breach of consumer rights.

The only time that you must get your car serviced by the dealer is when your car transfers from New Car Warranty into Extended Warranty. Extended Warranty is an additional warranty that you can receive when purchasing your car.

New Car Warranty servicing is similar to logbook servicing but under a different name and conditions. Genuine parts that are approved by the manufacturer must be used and the schedule must be followed at the time the service is due. This allows the manufacturers to make sure their product is performing correctly and keeps you safe on the road too.

We offer new car warranty servicing at our Brendale mechanics workshop. You can even book a mobile mechanic to come to you. All you have to do is call our mechanics workshop on 07 3881 2900 to book your car in.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.