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The Real Deal About Capped/fixed Price Servicing

by: Auto Giant

So, what is capped or fixed price servicing? Capped or fixed price servicing is basically a car service at a fixed rate or capped rate with a list of inclusions. Most motor dealers offer this service so people know what they are paying for before they commit to servicing their vehicle.

When you have a capped or fixed price service performed on your vehicle the usual oil and filter change will be done as well as log book checks as per manufacturer specifications.

The most important thing to consider when servicing your vehicle under a capped or fixed price servicing is to know exactly what you are getting as it is not always as it seems. Everything you need to know about the inclusions should be outlined in your log book. On many occasions, different makes and models have different inclusions of parts and service repairs for the service schedule.

The advantages of capped price servicing are that there are no hidden costs and you receive exactly what you pay for. It is great for peace of mind knowing what you are getting as a regular service on your new vehicle through the capped or fixed price schedule.

The disadvantages of fixed or capped price servicing is that they only do what is said in the log book and nothing else so if you need to replace a tire for example or change the gearbox oil due to heavy driving conditions, or need to do a wheel alignment to stop the tires from wearing out prematurely this would not be completed within the capped of fixed price schedule and would not be advised.  Due to this, it would relate to you in more costs later as the tire wouldn’t have lasted as long due to the lack of attention given in the service schedule or the gearbox having premature failure due to oil quality. These are quick in and out services and the result can sometimes be that the car needs more attention to the driving conditions that the vehicle is being used for.

When servicing your car with a mechanic or dealership that offers capped price servicing you don’t need to change your service schedule. These types of services use the same service schedules as a regular car service, which is outlined in your car’s logbook. This may be every 6months or 10,000km, for example, depending on the manufacturer.

At Auto Giant we will complete the Capped or fixed price service for you, but we will also complete the extras checks to make sure that you are not going to have premature failures with other expensive components like gearboxes, automatics ect. Our promise to you is that we will thoroughly look over the vehicle and report and if there is any else above and beyond of the capped or fixed price service, we will call and advise of the repair needed and then once approved we will complete the repair for you.

We take pride in our work and your vehicle and this is why when you have your car serviced with us it is washed and vacuum before you pick up.

So if you are interested in a capped or fixed price servicing book your car in with our Expert team at Auto Giant and have the confidence that your local Brendale mechanic, who is also RACQ approved has the experience to look after your vehicle. Now that is peace of mind!

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