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The Truth Behind Common Car Myths

by: Amy Baxendale

With the Internet being the number one source of information worldwide is it any wonder that there are so many facts and myths regarding car care. Getting the correct information is sometimes harder than it should be, let’s look at some of the facts around taking care of your car and see if there is any truth in these common car myths. This way you can save money and also care for your car the correct way.

Myth: Higher Octane Fuel Will Benefit My Car’s Performance
This is somewhat subjective but in most cases, there will be little to no benefit in using a higher octane fuel for your everyday vehicle. Some cars do require a higher octane fuel as they have a more advanced and powerful engine, V8’s, sports cars or supercars for example. If you are the everyday driver in your family car, you are better off saving your money at the pump and using the fuel that is recommended for your make and model of vehicle. If you don’t know what you should be putting in your unleaded car with all the options available you can’t go wrong with a standard 91, 95 or unleaded fuel type for the everyday driver.

Myth: You Should Replace All Car Tyres At The Same Time
This is totally false. Although it is a logical idea you may not necessarily benefit from it as you could be replacing tyres that still have plenty of wear and tread before it’s time to replace them. Replacing only the tyres that need replacing can save you money in the long run. Usually, at a car service, they will do something called a wheel rotation where if you do need new tyres your front ones will move to the back of the vehicle and your 2 new tyres will be placed on the front. This is because your front tyres usually wear down a lot quicker than your back tyres.

Myth: You Must Change Your Coolant, Cabin And Air Filters When Changing Your Oil
This is also false. A mechanic may clean your air or cabin filters to make them last longer but they should only be changed when the service schedule says or if they need to be replaced immediately. Coolant should be replaced as per the service schedule unless there is a severe leak in which case you may need repairs performed on your vehicle. Sometimes you may not know if there is a leak especially if it is slow, keep your eye on the amount of coolant your car is using and if you find yourself topping up in between services you may want to get it checked out.

Myth: You Hardly Ever Need To Change Your Oil
This is false and can be detrimental to your cars performance and the environment. Oil helps lubricate and clean the engine so it can run smoothly and efficiently. If oil in your car is left for too long it can have the opposite effect causing blockages, slime and wear and tear that will damage your engine. In severe cases, if your engine is not properly lubricated with the correct oil for your vehicle your engine may need to be replaced.

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