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Improving Your Car’s Fuel Economy With Good Tyres

by: Auto Giant

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car as they get you from A to B and are the only thing between you and the road. That is why having good tyres on your car is essential as it provides extra safety and fuel economy for your vehicle.

How fuel efficient are good tyres on a car? 

Both manufacturers of cars and tyres North Brisbane alike are obligated to make the fuel efficiency on your car as good as possible. However, they do not affect the choices you make about your tyres. If you choose to go with a tyre that is not specified for your particular car you will make your engine work harder to compensate.

Sticking to the manufacturer’s specifications is the best option for fuel economy as they have tried and tested the vehicle with the best tyres for it. This ensures that the tyres work at improving your car’s fuel economy by up to 20%, which is a lot considering the mileage, we get out of our tyres.

What are the right tyres for your car?

Choosing the right North Brisbane tyres for your car can increase their longevity on the road as well as fuel economy so you receive a smooth and safe ride. There are many brands to choose from which can make it hard to decide which is best. It is important to think about quality as well as price when you choose tyres for your car.

Quality Brendale tyres will help your car’s fuel efficiency more than the cheapest, which may cost you more in the long run. Knowing which tyre is the right one for your car is easy to find out. All you have to do is look at your car manual for the correct tyre size. If you have bought a second hand car the tyre size that is on the side of the tyres may not be the correct one for your car.

How do tyres stay fuel efficient?

Fuel efficiency isn’t automatically built to last just because you have good tyres on your car. You need to maintain your tyres to ensure they continue helping with your fuel efficiency. This can be done by checking the pressures on your tyres and adjusting them as needed to the correct pressure. The pressure required can change depending on heavy loads or if you are going off road, however, you should always return the pressure back to the optimum level for the road afterwards.

Performing wheel alignments and wheel rotations at our Brendale mechanics workshop is also a good way to continue getting as much fuel efficiency out of your tyres as possible. This can be done by our qualified North Brisbane mechanics.

Overall, choosing good tyres at the right size for your car can increase your fuel efficiency but it is also important to maintain them. This will ensure that you continue to save on fuel and gain more mileage out of your tyres. You can replace your tyres with a qualified Brendale mechanic today on 07 3881 2900.

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