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What You Need To Know About A Mobile Mechanic Car Service

by: Auto Giant

If you have never had your car serviced by a North Brisbane mobile mechanic before then there are a few things you need to know. Having your car serviced with a mobile mechanic is different to having your car serviced in a workshop. For starters the mobile mechanic does not have the facilities they would normally have in a workshop so it is important to make their job as easy as possible.

Have you given the right details to the mechanic? 

When you book your car in for a mobile car service at our mechanics workshop in Brendale it is important to provide as many correct details as possible. This includes your address, the model, year and make of your car, what service it is up to and the date it was last serviced.

Providing this information will help the mechanic prepare for your service with the correct parts and will allow them to determine what needs to be done during the service. Any key notes about your car that you feel needs checking should be noted during your booking as well so the mobile mechanic can have a look on the day. 

Do you have a suitable spot for the mechanic to work? 

When a mobile mechanic comes to your home or place of work they need a suitable space to perform your service. They won’t be able to perform a service on your car if the environment is dangerous or they can’t gain access to your vehicle. This is where you need to prepare for their arrival in advance.

Making sure your car is on a level surface is the first thing you need to do. In your garage or on a level driveway is ideal. If you are at work they can perform the service in your work’s carpark as long as it doesn’t have a lot of traffic rolling through. If the carpark is under cover make sure that there is enough clearance for the mobile mechanic to make it to your car. They need to be parked close to it to access their tools and equipment.

Finally, make sure you check the weather. Your service may be cancelled for another day if you don’t have a place to service you car out of the rain. Undercover parking or your garage would be a good place to service your car if this was the case.

What is the time of arrival and payment method? 

What the mobile mechanic is doing on the day will affect the time of arrival. Usually you will be given a window of when the North Brisbane mobile mechanic will arrive. There are varying factors that can delay them including weather, traffic and how long the previous service took.

When the mobile mechanic arrives and performs the service on your car you will have multiple payment options available to you. This can be in the form of eftpos, credit card over the phone or cash so you won’t be stuck on how to pay for your service.

Finally, remember that a mobile mechanic service only means that your car will be serviced. If there are other issues with your car that involve major repairs you will have to book it in to be fixed at our North Brisbane mechanics workshop which you can call on 07 3881 2900.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.