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Mobile Mechanic Vs Roadside Assistance

by: Auto Giant

Some people can get confused between a mobile mechanic and roadside assistance services. However, there are major differences between these two services that you need to know in case you end up in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.

Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside assistance services such as RACQ come to your aid in the event of a breakdown no matter where you may be. They aim to repair your car if the issue is minor or tow your vehicle to a mechanic if the car is deemed unfit to drive or won’t start.

Usually these services are subscription based similar to your insurance where you pay monthly or yearly amounts so that you are covered on the road. This differs to a mobile mechanic as roadside assistance is more of an emergency service whereas a mobile mechanic is not.

Mobile Mechanics

North Brisbane mobile mechanics are great at servicing your car where you want, whether that is at home or your work. They perform mobile servicing on your car by appointment so you have to book instead of paying a subscription for their services.

Brendale mobile mechanics do not generally perform repairs on your car but make sure your car has a logbook service. They are not an emergency service that you can call out onto the side of the highway to fix your car. This means that you are better off calling for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown.

How Do I Sign Up For These Services?

You can sign up for roadside assistance services such as RACQ by calling them or signing up online. They will give you a price on their services and what it entails so you can make an informed decision. Mobile mechanics need to be booked when your car needs servicing but you can sign up for our member benefits program. This allows your car to have priority servicing along with other perks when you sign up.

If you would like to sign up for our member benefits program or book your car in for mobile servicing North Brisbane call us today on 07 3881 2900.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.