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Yes, we can do all mechanical work for insurance repairs so you have peace of mind.

As an RACQ approved mechanic we are a trusted business and you are guaranteed quality workmanship, quality parts, priority service and a free courtesy car.

You do not have to go to an RACQ Approved Mechanic if you are an RACQ member. However, if you are a member of RACQ, at Auto Giant we give you and your vehicle priority for any servicing and repair needs you may have.

All our invoices are broken down for each job with all costings from parts to labour individually priced so our customers can see where their money is going.

Yes, we have plenty of space at our workshop if you find yourself with a broken down vehicle.

Most definitely! Getting a check done on your car before you go on holiday is a great way to keep your family safe while you’re away.

Yes, bookings are essential as our courtesy vehicles are in high demand.

We have multiple courtesy vehicles available for you to use if you need to be on the go while your car is in the shop.

Yes, we can come to your workplace as long as you have a power point our mechanic can access as well as water for health and safety purposes. We will also need a safe area to work that is level on either concrete or bitumen.

We can only do servicing or minor repairs while on the road or at your home. Any major repairs such as clutches, engine rebuilds or diffs need to be done at our workshop where we have the proper equipment to help with your repair.

Our mobile mechanics service the surrounding area to our workshop within a 15 to 20km radius. However, we are able to come to you outside our service area for an additional travel fee. If you would like to know if you are within our service area give us a call on (07) 3881 2900.

Yes, our mobile mechanics can come to your home or office, during business hours, to service your vehicle. To book a mobile mechanic give us a call on (07) 3881 2900.

We provide reports on all our customer’s vehicles when they come in for a service or repair.

We can take your engine apart and put it back together again. Our mechanics can do engine rebuilds on any vehicle that you might have.

We can fit a variety of accessories to a range of vehicles. No matter what vehicle you have we will be able to help you.

We service and repair all makes and models no matter where they come from.

All parts have to meet our quality standards policy so we will not fit parts that customers bring in unless it is something we use ourselves. However, any parts supplied by the customer are not covered under any warranty that we supply.

Yes, we do! We complete comprehensive pre-purchase inspections for all customers for any vehicle be it your car, truck, car trailer, truck trailer, caravan or boat trailer.

We are certified to complete safety inspections on a range of vehicles including:

  • Light vehicles up to 4.5 ton (e.g. cars and light trucks)
  • Booked hire vehicles (e.g. Uber annual safety certificates)
  • Light trailer 0.75 kg to 3.5 ton (e.g. boat, camper and caravan trailers)
  • Heavy vehicles 4.5 ton and over (e.g. large trucks with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) over 4.5 ton)
  • Heavy trailers 3.5 ton to 10 ton (e.g. truck trailers, large caravans, livestock trailers)

We have qualified light vehicle and heavy vehicle mechanics that can help with your inspection needs no matter what vehicle you own or need to tow.

We supply, fit and repair all radiators to all models, new or old, to suit any vehicle. This includes providing re-core radiators to older vehicles and aluminum radiators for performance vehicles.

Our mobile mechanics have the tools to complete servicing, minor repairs and roadworthy certificates. Any major repairs such as clutches, engines or diffs will need to come to the workshop.

Air Bag suspension is an alternative suspension system to the normal, conventional coil & leaf spring suspension systems. They use an air bag to cushion the bump through using air in a rubber bag which will give you a softer ride and the adjustability of the height and the sustainability of a constant ride level.

Log Book servicing is a maintenance plan provided by the manufacturer that is completed by a service agent. Each service interval that the manufacturer recommends is to get the most reliability, longevity and safety out of the vehicle with a plan in place.

It is advised that you get your car serviced as per manufacturer specifications or every 10,000km.

A basic car service starts from $249.00 to $349.00 while a major service can vary from $349.00 to $1195.00. All prices are dependant on the vehicle type and model.

At Auto Giant, a basic service covers the replacement of your engine oil and filter while also going through a 90 point check over and adjustments, if necessary.

A major service at Auto Giant covers all oils and filters, coolant and brake fluid as well as a check over and adjustments, if necessary.

Service times will vary due to the manufacturer’s recommendations, though a regular service would have an estimated time of 1.5 hours and a major can take around 3 hours to complete.

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At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.