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Log Book Servicing

Looking for a log book servicing Brendale mechanic you can rely on to complete a comprehensive service on your vehicle and ensure your log book is up to date?

At Auto Giant, we go above and beyond to deliver high-quality workmanship and ensure your vehicle is in top condition after every log book service.

Call us today on (07) 3881 2900 to book your log book servicing appointment.


What is Log Book Servicing and Why Do I Need It?

All vehicle manufacturers set service intervals that vary from make and model to ensure you get the very best performance from your car. A log book is also included with every vehicle so you can easily keep a record of each service.

It is important to have your vehicle serviced regularly because it will reduce your maintenance and repair costs considerably over the life expectancy of the vehicle.

At Auto Giant service centres, we complete extensive vehicle inspections at each service interval to ensure that your vehicle is maintained and repaired cost effectively.


When Should I Complete My Log Book Service?

We’ve listed the service intervals below for leading car manufacturers in Australia so you have a better idea of when your car may be due for a log book service.

Please note however, the intervals outlined below are just a guide. Refer to the log book in your own vehicle as service intervals may vary for each make and model.


Manufactures Service Intervals

  • Audi                     Every 6 Months or 10,000klm
  • BMW                    Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Ford                     Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Holden                 Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Hyundai               Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Honda                  Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Kia                       Every 6 months or 15,000klm
  • Mazda                  Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Mitsubishi           Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Peugeot               Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Nissan                 Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Subaru                 Every 6 months or 12,500klm
  • Suzuki                  Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Toyota                  Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Volkswagen         Every 6 months or 10,000klm
  • Volvo                    Every 6 months or 10,000klm



Maintain Your New Car Warranty with Auto Giant

Worried that having your vehicle serviced by anyone other than the dealer will void your warranty? No need to worry anymore! Auto Giant is also an RACQ Approved Repairer.

Many customers fear they will void their new car warranty by choosing non-dealer servicing. However, in Australia, restricting the buyer’s freedom of choice when selecting a mechanic is illegal. That means your dealer cannot restrict your car servicing options to a particular mechanic as part of warranty conditions.

With this in mind, you have the freedom to service your new car at any mechanic you like outside the dealer network, and at Auto Giant, you can rest easy knowing that because we use genuine parts for all servicing and repairs, you will still be covered! For further information, please see our genuine parts page.


Benefits of Log Book Servicing from Auto Giant

  • Reliable Motoring & Uncompromising Quality

At Auto Giant, we uphold and maintain the highest service standards in the industry. Our priority is to ensure you will be driving on the road safely and with confidence after having your vehicle serviced with us.

  • Manufacture Log Books Stamped and Recorded

It’s vital that your log book is updated every time you have your vehicle serviced. By doing this, you can easily keep track of when your next service is due. At Auto Giant, once the service is complete, we will stamp and record it in the log book for you.

  • New Car Warranty Protected

Never worry about voiding your new car warranty again if you choose a repairer other than the dealer’s. Your new car warranty will be protected with Auto Giant because we guarantee the use of genuine parts for all vehicle repairs and maintenance.

  • Vehicle Market Value Increased

By ensuring your car is maintained to the highest standard on a regular basis, the market value of your vehicle will increase. At Auto Giant, every log book service is thorough and comprehensive to ensure your car is in top condition.

  • Genuine Parts

We always insist on using genuine parts because they will stand the test of time, improve the longevity of your vehicle and ensure your new car warranty remains intact. All parts include a one year, 20,000 km warranty as standard.

  • High-Quality Lubricants

We only use high-quality lubricants engineered to perform and meet the high expectations of every motorist. Our lubricants deliver maximum vehicle application coverage, ensuring your car runs at its best.

  • Complimentary Loan Car with Your Service Booking

Worried about how you will get around and continue with your day while your car is getting serviced? When you drop your car off at our Brendale service centre, you have the option to receive a complimentary loan car to drive until your vehicle is ready for collection.

Bookings are essential for all loan car availability. Visit our Complimentary Cars & Services page to find out more about our complimentary cars and other transport options we have available.

  • Mobile Servicing

Can’t get your vehicle to our Brendale service centre for your log book service? We also have a mobile service unit which allows us to come to you and service your vehicle at your location. Bookings are essential – please visit our Mobile Car Service page to find out more.


Experience the Difference at Auto Giant

When you need to book a log book service Brendale wide, you can’t go past the high level of expertise and professionalism we deliver at Auto Giant. Our technicians have 25 years and over 100,000 hours of hands-on experience in the motor industry.

We set a new high standard in log book servicing across Brisbane, so contact us today on (07) 3881 2900 to book your next log book service with Auto Giant.

At Auto Giant when your car is serviced by our experienced team, they pride themselves on delivering uncompromising quality and services.